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Let me ask you a question. Would you send your kids to a daycare facility without asking around town about the operator? Would you drop them off there if you had never seen the inside? Would you trust your child's well being to someone you never met before? Yeah, I doubt it. How about a caterer...
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What is a Metal Building?

They go by many names. Steel building, metal building, pre-engineered steel building, quonsit, straight wall building, tin building, ugly. Well, not so much the last one anymore. It is amazing how far metal buildings have come in the last 2 decades. It used to metal buildings were relegated to crummy old warehouse districts, classified as...
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How The Bigger Outfits Do It

This is a running joke between my construction friends and myself.  I don't remember who coined the phrase, but I think it was a plumber buddy of mine.  It is really fitting in this day and age though.  The phrase isn't used in a flattering manner.  It is meant to poke fun at the inefficiencies and shortcomings...
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