Wheel City East Remodel

Remodel a pizza parlor into a car dealership

Project Specs

Dimensions - 1 56' x 72' x 14'
Roof Type - Built up
Roof System - Bar Joists
Wall System - 8" masonry walls
Existing pizza parlor
Revamp exterior with 7.2 metal panel
Add windows and doors

The Client

Wheel City Auto is a returning client. They operate multiple car sales lots in different states


Wheel City has a location in Sioux Falls but they wanted to expand their presence here. A suitable building came available for sale and they bought it.

Building Specs

Revitalize a nearly 50 year old pizza parlor and make it a flashy car sales lot. We added large windows applied new metal sheeting to the exterior.


The owner is extatic about the new appearance. They have expanded their presence onto a very busy street and expect to do very well at this location.

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