How The Bigger Outfits Do It

This is a running joke between my construction friends and myself.  I don’t remember who coined the phrase, but I think it was a plumber buddy of mine.  It is really fitting in this day and age though.  The phrase isn’t used in a flattering manner.  It is meant to poke fun at the inefficiencies and shortcomings of the bigger general contractors.  Let me give you an example.

My plumber friend was doing a bathroom remodel for a project manager of one of the bigger outfits in town.  The project manager was the general contractor for the bathroom remodel.  He calls my plumber buddy and tells him to hurry up and get over the project and install the shower.  The plumber gets there and finds that the bathroom has already been drywalled.  This is funny because there was no plumbing installed in the walls yet and the shower stall hadn’t been set .  Now when someone screws up we just say that is how the bigger outfits do it.  Then we fix the error and move on.

I paid alot of money for my college education and they told me in class that it was a good idea to let the plumbers install their pipes in the walls before the sheetrock is hung.  (I knew this before college, but it didn’t stop them from saying it in class).  Maybe this project manager didn’t go to college or maybe he just doesn’t really know anything about construction.  Would you want this guy running a million dollar construction project?  If he can’t even handle a simple bathroom remodel how in the world will he keep track of a large project???

This is the difference between Kaleden Construction and the bigger outfits: I really do care about your project.  Chances are it is the only one I am working on at the time.  If it isn’t the only one, there might be one other.  To be honest that is all I can handle at one time and do a good job.  I will live and breathe your project.  It will go on my website, it will be all over my desk, it will be in my truck, it will be in my dreams at night.  There is no substitute for being on site and knowing what the hell is going on.  That is what you are paying for.  The peace of mind that Kaleden Construction’s owner is out there protecting your interests.

I am the owner.  I have to provide exceptional service to my customers so they will talk to friends and associates about me.  I want them to recommend me to every person they see.  I need them to explain that when there is a problem the owner is only a phone call away.  Everyone knows that an owner really is the only person whose deep level of concern can’t be matched.  I need my clients to explain that I am on site watching for errors and mistakes.  I don’t have some $15 an hour guy that drives by the job once a day and says everything is fine.  This is the only way to grow my business and to some day become one of the bigger outfits. 😉

Contact me for all of your metal building or steel building needs in Sioux Falls or the surrounding communities.  I am a qualified general contractor that loves his job and his business.

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