What is a Metal Building?

They go by many names. Steel building, metal building, pre-engineered steel building, quonsit, straight wall building, tin building, ugly. Well, not so much the last one anymore. It is amazing how far metal buildings have come in the last 2 decades. It used to metal buildings were relegated to crummy old warehouse districts, classified as the lowest form of construction, only good for cold storage.

Anymore, steel buildings are just as likely to be a church as a warehouse. With advances in engineering and manufacturing capabilities pre-engineered buildings are as comfortable being a school gym as an automotive repair shop. You might be shocked to learn that some of the local buildings you drive by every day could be metal buildings.

It isn’t uncommon for design build contractors to use metal buildings in their projects because of their versatility. I have done projects in the past that have no visible exterior signs that a steel building lies beneath. How about this one – WORTHINGTON AG PARTS, or this one – DAKOTA SPIRIT CHEER, or even this one – FREEMAN PHARMACY.

Metal buildings also play nicely with other types of construction. For instance, this PROJECT combined a metal building and a conventional bar joist framed system. Pretty hard to tell which is which isn’t it. This ONE has a wood framed office area attached to a metal building shop area. Here is the gist of it.

Don’t pigeon hole a metal building system as a one trick pony. Kaleden Construction can do so much more with steel building systems than just warehousing. They are very versatile systems. We can span widths of 300 feet without interior posts, we can have eave heights of over 50 feet, and as you saw above we can make them look awesome from the street!

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